Founded in 2011 in Hamburg, Germany, PROCEANIS GmbH is a pioneer in nutritional supplements based on Hyaluronic Acid.

The company’s core product Hyaluronic Complex, is a hyaluronic acid specially formulated for holistic dietary intake and is the basis for its Hyaluronfiller and ArthroFill product lines.In 2012 PROCEANIS introduced PROCEANIS® Hyaluronfiller the world’s first Beauty Drink with liquid hyaluronic acid.ArthroFill® combines hyaluronic acid with specific nutrients for bone, cartilage and fascia.

Due to its rapidly growing base of satisfied customers, PROCEANIS GmbH is proud to be shipping its products now worldwide.

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Hyaluronic Acid: the body’s natural anti-aging molecule

Hyaluronic acid occurs in nearly all parts of the human body. The largest amount is in skin and joints.

Its high water binding capacity and properties as a lubricant make hyaluronic acid indispensable for all higher forms of life. Over time, the human body’s own production of hyaluron decreases to the point where it is unable bind enough water to fully support normal processes.